[Marxism] Jeff Richards on Syriza

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jul 17 20:49:19 MDT 2015

(From FB)

Is there blame for Syriza's defeat?

You cannot launch 'asymmetric political warfare' against against the 
German ruling elite unless you are prepared for battle. The party, the 
cadres, the supporters, the government, the bureaucracy must all be 
mobilised, prepared and steeled for the financial onslaught of the 
transition period. What did all the Syriza ministers who resigned from 
government do to prepare Greece for a difficult transition out of the 
Euro? Did they call on the Syriza government to prepare ? What did 
Varoufakis (who I personally admire), a senior minister in charge of the 
Greek economy do to prepare? By the accounts we have, Varoufakis and the 
other ministers did nothing, not a thing, to prepare for Grexit. What 
did the radical left outside of Syriza do? It seems they to did nothing. 
 From the limited accounts one has in English, the Greek non-Syriza left 
parties also did nothing to call on the government to prepare. How about 
the now trenchant critics who are now lambasting Syriza for going down 
the ‘Blair road’ like John Pilger and Tariq Ali? Did they realise and 
discuss a vast logistical effort that would be required? It seems that 
they did not.

When Tsipras left for Europe after the triumph of the Oxi vote I think 
he realised that his party, his ministers and those ministers to the 
radical left of his party had left him with nothing to fight with apart 
from some pats on the shoulder, a referendum result and cheers from the 
crowds, all of which mean little if you are going to challenge the 
teutonic beast standing far above you on top of a mountain of money. 
With no organisation, no preparation, no mobilisation.. Surrender and 
the signing of a temporary truce was the only possible option.

If the left/radical left of Syriza resign en masse then Syriza will move 
to the center and join forces with the center left, creating a block 
that will once again coral the left into the sectarian arms of the Greek 
Communist Party, the KKE. Well, isnt that better ? Not quite. What did 
the ‘sectarian’ so called ‘hardline communists’ of KKE do in the 1988 
political crisis in Greece. Why, they joined in coalition government 
with... New Democracy, the main right wing party and then with PASOK, 
the centre left party.

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