[Marxism] As South Yemen popular resistance liberates Aden, Murdoch slanders them as al-Qaida

Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 22:03:03 MDT 2015

Early fruits of Iran being re-established in a Shah-type relationship 
with Washington?
(well, after Iraq, and Syria, not so early, but Yemen is right inside 
the "Saudi sphere")

Al Qaeda Helps Saudi Backed Forces in Yemen

full text available: 

The reality of where the outside trained forces came from who recently 
entered Aden (to aid the overwhelmingly local South Yemeni resistance to 
the brutal Saleh/Houthi occupation):

"The force was made up of younger recruits, they said, as well as older 
military officers who had served in the army of South Yemen when it was 
an independent state. The commander said that the older officers, who 
fled into exile after a brief civil war in 1994, had returned to Yemen 
“because they love the south” 

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