[Marxism] Moderator's note

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Jul 18 15:31:55 MDT 2015

On 7/18/15 5:23 PM, Michael Yates via Marxism wrote:
> So perhaps Louis should reconsider giving Jim C the boot.


When Doug Henwood told Creegan on LBO-Talk that converting to the 
drachma might not be a piece of cake, Creegan replied:

"Am I to take this as an ironic comment on Proyect's idiot posts, or an 
implicit apology for the horrendous betrayal that has just taken place?"

Apology for betrayal?

This is what you might expect on Doug's list that has a lot looser norms 
than this one (and unfortunately probably has something to do with its 
becoming pretty dormant.)

When I read this, I concluded that if I had the nerve to write an 
article drawing out the difficulties of converting computer systems to 
handle the drachma, I was guilty of apologizing for betrayal.

I put too much time into keeping this list going to put up with that 
kind of bullshit. If any of you want to start your own mailing list so 
that Jim Creegan can put you under a microscope to see if you have 
petty-bourgeois germs, contact me privately and I'll help you get it set up.

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