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I completely understand your frustration but second Michael's appeal for another chance. The list simply is better with as many differing views as possible. Some of these views are wildly contrary to my own but I find their airing to be instructive and actually help in forming a stronger set of beliefs. 

But I'm not unsubbing. You are perfectly within your rights. In any event it was your essays that drew me here, not Jim Creegan's. 

But please reconsider. 

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Louis, please let's start this over. I don't want someone to be kicked 
off due to him replying to a post of mine. Jim may have lashed out at 
other times (we all get hot under the collar, including you and I) but 
this reply of his was hardly a fire and brimstone sectarian rant. We 
need this discussion because no-one around here, except those living in 
Greece, really has any real idea of what the hell. We're all expressing 
our opinions and learning from each others' points. I'd probably be 
saying something different this week and something different last week. 
It is also a matter of interpretation how to interpret the marxmail 
guidelines you sent. Jim was doing what he thinks is class analysis. I 
profoundly disagree with his interpretation of class analysis. But 
having a form of analysis I disagree with doesn't prove he is playing at 
being Trotsky or being the best Bolshevik. And this list would lose 
hugely if it also meant people like Andrew Pollack and Marv Gandall were 
unsubbed as well. Let's start again and all agree to be respectful in 
this discussion. 

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