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Having been subjected face to face to the raving, incoherent spittle-laced yelling of JIm Robertson, on one occasion, in those long lost 1960's, and having been physically attacked on another occasion decades later by a Spartacist League member, Creegan [sp?] seems to me a pussycat in comparison. 

That said, perhaps a red line is whether or not anyone uses a personal insult, grounds for removal from any discussion group.

If someone wishes to write that some political view of mine is stupid, or will lead inevitably to a reformist disaster, or is an accommodation to the swamp of petite bourgeois veganism, fair enough.  That’s a discussion.  From time to time I have expressed political views that were stupid.  Who has not?  Those who bluntly pointed that out did me a service, painful as it was at the time.

If someone calls me stupid, or says I am a reformist disaster, or calls me a petite bourgeois veganist, that's over the line.  Name calling is over the line in any discussion group.  One warning would be sufficient.

Of course it is the option of the creator of a discussion group to set what limits seem reasonable and proper.


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>and injustices result.
>The fact of the matter has always been that this is Louis' operation.  That
>has been the most functional solution to having an ongoing 24/7 flame war
>over who should or shouldn't be here.
>There simply exists no mechanism for a democratic email list, Much less a
>democratic-centralist email list.  Or does someone have an alternative that
>they've not implemented or are keeping secret?
>In this case, a second chance would not be amiss, particularly if there's a
>general acknowledgement of the remote possibility that the working class
>can be betrayed by people trying to figure out the situation in Greece in
>an email discussion.
>Mark L.
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