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Tue Jul 21 05:43:37 MDT 2015

Paul Mason and postcapitalism: utopian or scientific?
July 21, 2015

Leftist journalist and broadcaster, Paul Mason, has a new book out at 
the end of this month. It’s called ‘Postcapitalism’.  I don’t have a 
copy but Mason has written a long article in the British newspaper, The 
Guardian, outlining his main arguments, http://gu.com/p/4ay9c

Mason has been a doughty publiciser of labour struggles in his 
journalism and also offered on occasions a more theoretical and 
strategic analysis of where capitalism and labour is going.  I think 
this book is an attempt to sum up his views.  As Mason has some 
influence among labour activists in Britain and internationally, it’s 
worth considering what he has to say.

Mason argues that capitalism is set to be replaced by ‘postcapitalism’ 
(not ‘socialism’, it seems). And this is for three reasons. First, there 
is an information revolution which is creating a society of abundance in 
information, making a virtually costless and labour saving economy. 
Second, this information revolution cannot be captured by the capitalist 
market and the big monopolies. And third, already the ‘post-capitalist’ 
mode of production, based on free ownership and cooperation in 
information, is emerging from within capitalism, just as capitalism 
emerged from within feudalism.  Is Mason right? Does he make sense?


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