[Marxism] Fwd: Anton Shekhovtsov's blog: A new book: Eurasianism and the European Far Right

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Tue Jul 21 06:05:58 MDT 2015

Introduction: Marlene Laruelle
Chapter 1: Dangerous Liaisons? Eurasianism, European Far Right, and 
Putin’s Russia, Marlene Laruelle

Part I: Alexander Dugin’s Trajectory: Mediating European Far Right to Russia
Chapter 2: Alexander Dugin and the West European New Right, 1989–1994, 
Anton Shekhovtsov
Chapter 3: Moscow State University’s Department of Sociology and the 
Climate of Opinion in Post-Soviet Russia, Vadim Rossman

Part II: France, Italy, and Spain: Dugin’s European Cradles
Chapter 4: A Long-Lasting Friendship. Alexander Dugin and the French 
Radical Right, Jean-Yves Camus
Chapter 5: From Evola to Dugin: The Neo-Eurasianist Connection in Italy, 
Giovanni Savino
Chapter 6: Arriba Eurasia? The Difficult Establishment of 
Neo-Eurasianism in Spain, Nicolas Lebourg

Part III: Turkey, Hungary, and Greece: Dugin’s New Conquests
Chapter 7: “Failed Exodus”: Dugin’s Networks in Turkey, Vügar İmanbeyli
Chapter 8: Deciphering Eurasianism in Hungary: Narratives, Networks, and 
Lifestyles, Umut Korkut and Emel Akçali
Chapter 9: The Dawning of Europe and Eurasia? The Greek Golden Dawn and 
its Transnational Links, Sofia Tipaldou

Part IV: Conclusions: The European Far Right at Moscow’s Service?
Chapter 10: Far-Right Election Observation Monitors in the Service of 
the Kremlin’s Foreign Policy, Anton Shekhovtsov


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