[Marxism] Independent: Tsipras shows his Machiavellian streak

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 18:15:48 MDT 2015

Only Shalva and Lou are gallantly keeping the thread going on Greece.  The
silence of other list members may indicate that they have sunk into
something like despair. Certainly that is my situation.

I want, though, to address the question was the Tsipras-Dragasakis coup
inevitable? Certainly, I think that in broad front politics there will
inevitably be a Tsipras and a Dragasakis.  But what I maintain is that
their victory is not inevitable.  What was crucial, I think (from 15180.65
km away),  was the failure of the Left Platform to develop an alternative
Plan B.  Kouvleakis puts the blame on Dragasakis for the absence of such a
fall back strategy.  But that is simply shifting the blame. Why would
Dragasakis or Tsipras develop an alternative?

Syriza I believe has split three times before and always to the Right.  I
think we have just seen the fourth split but Tsipras will not name it as
one.  He is fighting to be Syriza. But it will avail him little.  He will
become the Ramsay MacDonald or the Billy Hughes of Greek politics.  In
Australian terms he is the 'rat in the ranks'. & btw I think we have long
passed the time when the Socialist Alliance should name him as such and
admit the error of defending him from criticism. But perhaps that is just a
residue of my Trotskyism.

If I can get time away from struggling with Plato's theory of knowledge I
will attempt to redeem my promise (threat?) to respond to the
Callinicos-Kouvelakis debate.



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> On 7/21/15 6:49 PM, Shalva Eliava via Marxism wrote:
>> http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/greece-debt-crisis-news-alexis-tsipras-shows-his-machiavellian-streak-in-a-purge-of-syriza-rebels-10399042.html
> Isn't becoming obvious that Tsipras has effectively split from Syriza? If
> anything is to be salvaged, it will be a result of the Left Forum
> regrouping and moving ahead with the Thessalonika Program. In a way, it
> would have been clear if Tsipras had simply announced that he was joining
> PASOK or something but in politics there is always a large element of
> self-deception.
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