[Marxism] Alexis Tsipras Transforms Himself as He Sells Greek Bailout Terms

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Jul 22 06:31:16 MDT 2015

> On television recently, Mr. Tsipras said that some pension changes would
> have been necessary with or without the demands of the country’s creditors.
> “I do not think that it is progressive political policy to send someone
> into retirement at 45 or 50,” he said.

What disgusting bullshit. When you lose a job in Greece at the age of 45 
or 50, it is PERMANENT. The pension becomes the only source of income 
not only for the unemployed adult but for an entire family. The pensions 
have been cut by 50 percent typically so German demands to cut them even 
more have consequences of deepening the misery of such families. Tsipras 
is only repeating the talking points of the WSJ editorial page.

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