[Marxism] Counterpunch promoting left-right alliance (aka "Querfront")?

A.R. G amithrgupta at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 10:20:45 MDT 2015

Even Chip Berlet, who seems to be one of the citations about this
right-wing-infiltration conspiracism (to say nothing of his other, awful
positions on Palestine) concedes that it makes sense to have tactical
alliances with right-wingers some of the time:

- Amith

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> On Wed, July 22, 2015 17:56, Louis Proyect via Marxism wrote:
> >
> > Now I confess to being many things: obnoxious, sarcastic, narcissistic
> > and cruel. But "ex-Marxist"? Really? I'll have more to say about that
> > anon.
> Fine, but that wasn't an issue in my post, nor was it the point of Tony
> Greenstein's post, and Elise Hendrick's article properly put you among the
> "left" contributors to Counterpunch. Nor is you personally contributing to
> Counterpunch an issue (even though I had to mention it). And as I said, it
> is the broader issue of a left-right alliance that needs to be discussed,
> Counterpunch's exact role and statistics being a subsidiary matter. Could
> we please steer the discussion in that direction and ignore personal
> snipes and the like (after all, he never said you weren't a leftist or
> couldn't be part of a regroupment, etc.)?
> - Jeff
> P.S. And I don't care about the email subject line either, but now it's
> been changed, ok?
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