[Marxism] Fwd: Why I’ve Changed My Mind About Grexit

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jul 23 07:08:10 MDT 2015

(From a top aide to Varoufakis.)

Q: Do you think it would have been better for the Greek government to 
stick to Varoufakis’ debt-relief-or-nothing strategy?

A: In all honesty, it’s hard to see how things could have gone 
differently. The Greeks had no money and no power. The only weapons they 
could bring to the negotiating table were reason, logic and European 
solidarity. But apparently we will live in a Europe were none of those 
things mean anything.

Q: So both strategies – Varoufakis’ and Tsipras’ – were bound to fail 
from the start?

A: Yes, it was a trap. Every time the European institutions faced a 
challenge from a national government in the past they resorted to 
threats – raising the interest rates of government bonds, threatening to 
shut down the banking system, etc. – to bring it back into line. And in 
the past these threats had always worked: the governments always backed 
down. And they assumed that with SYRIZA it was going to be the same. But 
Greece didn’t back down. Which is why the institutions reacted in such a 
vicious manner.


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