[Marxism] Cuba: Thow in relations with imperialism

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jul 24 09:47:06 MDT 2015

On 7/24/15 11:31 AM, Celeste Murillo via Marxism wrote:
>   The tentative hypothesis that can be
> left for reflection is whether the evolution towards some variant of
> Bonapartism of a bureaucratic-bourgeois character would provide the
> political formula viable for going to the end on the road of the return to
> capitalism "in the Cuban style."

Well, clearly, the answer is for Nahuel Moreno's progeny to seize power 
in Argentina and invade the USA in order to impose a proletarian 
dictatorship to make the world safe for communism--unless they split 
into 20 sects again.

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