[Marxism] Being (with Counterpunch) determines consciousness (about Counterpunch)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Jul 25 09:27:49 MDT 2015

On 7/25/15 10:32 AM, Jeff via Marxism wrote:
> Maybe we'll be lucky and Counterpunch will kick Louis off its author list. But I'm afraid they're too smart to make such a mistake....

You really don't get the complexity of my relationship to CounterPunch. 
In a 2010 year-end wrap-up, Cockburn wrote:

"Who says these days that in the last analysis, the only way to change 
the status quo and challenge the Money Power of Wall St is to overthrow 
the government by force? That isn’t some old Trotskyist lag like Louis 
Proyect, dozing on the dungheap of history like Odysseus’ lice-ridden 
hound Argos, woofing with alarm as the shadow of a new idea darkens the 

I referred to this characterization the following day on Marxmail:

-->This is the kindest thing I have heard from a Nation Magazine
writer since Marc Cooper called me a "prolific buffoon". I only
wish I had place for it on my blog like Doug Henwood puts this on LBO:

"You're scum...sick and twisted...it's tragic you exist." - former
Wall Street Journal executive editor Norman Pearlstine, who has
gone on to great things at Time Inc.

I should add that I spotted Alex's fulmination not 5 minutes after
sending in $25 to the Counterpunch fund-drive.<--

In the thread that ensued, I mentioned that I planned to send in an 
additional $50 and urged Marxmailers to chip in. And this is long before 
I joined the editorial board. You can support a magazine even if you 
blast it, after all.

You can probably say the same thing about all people who are involved 
with radical politics. In 1911 Lenin called Trotsky "Judas". A few years 
later the two were as close as Castro and Guevara.

My relationship to CounterPunch goes back 25 years when it was a print 
publication put out by Ken Silverstein. Should I now be writing scathing 
attacks on Andre Vltchek and Mike Whitney instead of urging people to 
contribute money to a magazine upon whose editorial board I serve?

Many years ago, around the time I joined the SWP, a guy named Paul 
Lodico told me that in politics you need to find points of agreement 
when you sense that people are moving in your direction, and when you 
feel that they are moving away it is the time to air out the differences.

It is doubtful that Jeff St. Clair reached out to me in order to silence 
a critic. Alexa ranks CounterPunch 10,078 in the USA while my pishker 
blog ranks 237,972. Jeff asked me to be the film co-editor with Kim 
Nicolini. As people probably know, I have been writing about film for 25 
years now. I only discovered after joining CounterPunch that Jeff is 
very knowledgeable about film and our tastes coincide. This is the real 
affinity, not some trick to co-opt a critic.

The idea that he had some kind of Machiavellian intent involves 
ascribing to him motives that miss who he is as a person. Unlike me, he 
is not about projecting his personality into his writings. I have gotten 
to know him about as well as I know anybody through email and can assure 
you that he does not operate on the basis of such petty calculations.

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