[Marxism] Why Greece Should Leave the Eurozone

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on Samstag, 25. Juli 2015 at 19:53, Louis Proyect via Marxism wrote:

> (Sinn is one of Germany's most prominent economists although I had never
> heard of him before. His dissertation was on Marx's theory of the 
> falling rate of profit. 

  This seems to be untrue. The German language Wikipedia arcticle on Sinn mentions 
an article on "Das Marxsche Gesetz des tendenziellen Falls der Profitrate", 
published in the journal "Zeitschrift für die gesamte Staatswissenschaft" Vol. 131, 1975, pp. 646–696  

  But it is unquestionable what also the bio page at his workplace (in english) says that he gained his doctorate in 1978, which would be three years after this journal article, and the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (DNB) lists his book "Ökonomische Entscheidungen bei Ungewissheit", published in 1980, as his "Dissertation", i.e. the work to gain the academic grade of "Doktor". English as "Economic decisions under uncertainty". 

> I have no idea whether it was to support it or attack it but probably the former. 

  Its the first time I heard of this article on one of Marxen's central cientific discoveries. The mentioned de.Wikipedia-article has a link for downloading Sinn's article as PDF from the web site of his IFO-Institute, but that document seems to have been removed. I'll look it up in the journal at the DNB. It is available online at http://www.jstor.org/stable/40749847 but requires registration. 

> He has been a reactionary pig for 
> most of his career and thus his call for Grexit is of some interest.)

  Well, that is the call of all reactionaries all over Europe for many years already. On government level the minister of finance, Wolfgang Schäuble, is its main proponent. 

  I call Prof. Sinn mostly Prof. Unsinn ("sinn" -> meaning, sense; Unsinn -> the contrary. 

  I still remember a TV talkshow about low wages and a minimum wage where Prof. Unsinn was confronted (among other participants) with a woman who worked as a chambermaid in a Hamburg hotel, and who demanded a higher wage to get around. Prof. Unsinn told her that then her work would not be done at all, or being shipped to Poland. 

  Unfortunately nobody in that talk show was keen enough to ask Mr. Sinn if then he would be prepared to clean his hotel room by himself... 

> Hans-Werner Sinn is a professor of economics and public finance at the
> University of Munich.

  He is mainly known for being the president of the "ifo Institute", one of the leading think tanks for economic policy of the Federal Republic of Germany. 

Lüko Willms

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