[Marxism] sprigs of hope?

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 26 16:34:24 MDT 2015


The above link is to an article on an open letter from cultural figures,
including the filmmaker Almodovar, urging unity on the Left.  It is
interesting to see that as Podemos apparently tracks to the right a new
broad front politics would appear to be opening to their left.

My ignorance of contemporary Spanish politics is very deep, I am ashamed to
say, but I welcome any development which emphasizes the need for and holds
the promise of broad left unity.  The article actually set me thinking
about what kind of politics I would like to see and would support.  The
answer surprised me even.  Really, I would like to see a revival of the
popular front politics of the 1930s.  My knowledge of the popular front
comes mainly from Lou's posts over the years.  "Popular Front" is also
something of a curse in Trotskyist circles. But the very idea of thousands
of artists and intellectuals supporting progressive politics "has set me
muttering like a fool" as Yeats put it.



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