[Marxism] Labour Party in NZ targets the Chinese (again)

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 26 22:22:09 MDT 2015

In the early 1900s the Labour Party was at the front of the pack advocating
and attempting to strengthen the anti-Chinese 'White New Zealand' policy.

Over the past week they have been scapegoating the Chinese - well, to be
precise people with what the Labour leaders call "Chinese surnames" - for
buying up houses in Auckland and creating the shortages of affordable
housing for NZers.

Despite this ugly racism, Labour hasn't gotten a lift in the polls.  They
have, however, managed to put off quite a lot of people.

Philip Ferguson: "A stain that won't wash off - Labour's racist campaign
against those with 'Chinese surnames'":

Don Franks: "Race cards: Labour's advance on Henry Lawson":

Daphna Whitmore: "Labour's attack on Chinese doesn't win support":

Also see:
"Chris Trotter and false recovered memory syndrome":
"Why do otherwise sane, well-meaning people hoose to delude themselves
about the Labour Party and make up rosy nonsense about its past?":


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