[Marxism] A Mini-Dictionary of Neoliberalism?

michael perelman michael.perelman3 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 28 11:22:32 MDT 2015

Richard Parker coined the word "neglectorate" to describe the public's
alienation from the current dysfunctional political system.  Now that
economists have, for the most part relegated John Maynard Keynes to the
dustbin of history, the term Dickenysian seems to be appropriate for the
present conditions, which are becoming increasingly similar to Charles
Dickens' portrayal of the world he lived in.  The power of the bond market
in imposing its will on supposedly independent states, suggests that
bondage may be appropriate for expressing the power of capital.  Finally,
we could describe the current economic system as Crapitalism, which treats
ordinary people as crap.

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