[Marxism] A Mini-Dictionary of Neoliberalism?

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
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Hi Michael

I love words and so enjoyed your post a lot.

There are of course other words which are  crucial to the struggle at the
moment. I have to get round to a proper study of David Mair's work *Ruling
the Void.*  I only know it through the Streeck article in NLR, from whom I
learned that Mair put a lot of emphasis on the dialectic between the
words *responsible
*and* respon*sive. If you add a deal of political economy to the word
*responsible* and understand that it is defined, largely by News Ltd, in
the interests of capital, then one can understand, I believe, the decay of
parliamentary democracy in the West.  The capitalist class have
succeeded, through intimidation and bribery, in convincing Western
politicians that if they are *responsive* to the wishes of their members
and the public, then they are not being *responsible*

To get elected one has to signal to News Ltd that one is *responsible*.  If
one does not do that, one becomes *unelectable*. This is another key word,
especially in the UK context,  where the battle for the leadership of the
Labour Party is being fought out on the terrain of electable or
*unelectable*, at present.



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> Richard Parker coined the word "neglectorate" to describe the public's
> alienation from the current dysfunctional political system.  Now that
> economists have, for the most part relegated John Maynard Keynes to the
> dustbin of history, the term Dickenysian seems to be appropriate for the
> present conditions, which are becoming increasingly similar to Charles
> Dickens' portrayal of the world he lived in.  The power of the bond market
> in imposing its will on supposedly independent states, suggests that
> bondage may be appropriate for expressing the power of capital.  Finally,
> we could describe the current economic system as Crapitalism, which treats
> ordinary people as crap.
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