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Campus as Oasis

The University of Cincinnati is situated much like the Johns Hopkins 
University or Temple University or the University of Chicago: a pristine 
campus, dotted with world-class architecture and gleaming facilities for 
students, standing in contrast to blighted neighborhoods only blocks 
away. Over the years, like many large universities, Cincinnati has 
raised its standards, shifting from open-access to more-selective 
admissions, striving for elite status.

As a result, students today are less likely to come from working-class 
or poor families, says Jennifer Malat, a professor of sociology and 
director of the Kunz Center for Social Research. When she started 
teaching at Cincinnati 15 years ago, the student body, she says, was 
more socioeconomically diverse.

"I really loved that because the students who were disadvantaged worked 
hard," Ms. Malat says. "Now we don’t have those students anymore. We 
have students who have never been downtown, whose parents tell them not 
to leave campus." The university struggles, she says, to make them feel 

Since 2000, the institution has promoted development (some might say 
"gentrification") in parts of the surrounding neighborhoods. On the 
southern border of the campus, in an area known as Clifton Heights, 
swank bars, restaurants, and retail stores have replaced run-down 
fast-food joints on Calhoun Street. Before the redevelopment, a 
boarded-up Hardee’s was known for muggers hanging out late at night, 
waiting for drunk or unsuspecting students, says Matt Bourgeois, 
director of the Clifton Heights Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation.

The university has also ramped up policing. Since April of last year, it 
has hired 33 police and 16 security officers, including Mr. Tensing. 
They were encouraged to patrol the areas off campus where many students 
live and shop. Under an agreement the University of Cincinnati Police 
Department had established with the municipal police in 2009, campus 
officers could respond to crimes and make arrests outside their "home 

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