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Thu Jul 30 16:27:09 MDT 2015

On 7/30/15 6:19 PM, Ken Hiebert via Marxism wrote:
>   CNI is committed to the curious proposition that US foreign policy needs correction in the Middle East because it does not serve the national interest.

There's no reason to view this as sinister. James Abourezk is on the 
board of directors and you won't many former Senators as principled as 
him. I suppose the fact that he has contributed articles to CounterPunch 
condemns him but whatever...

AUGUST 5, 2014
Israel’s Reversion to Old Colonial Tactics

It is amazing how quickly Israel has learned the elements of colonial 
staying power.  It is even more amazing how the American media has taken 
up the cause of racism against the Palestinians.

We can start with how the Israelis, and their lobby headquartered in 
Washington, have managed to demonize Palestinians, with the result that 
Israel can undertake a massive slaughter and be barely criticized for it 
both by our media.   We can begin with Israel’s request to the US 
government a couple of decades ago to label Hamas as a “Terrorist 
Group,” which our government happily agreed to do.   Other people in 
other parts of the world have tried this tactic, with some success, but 
for the most part such rebels are labeled “insurgents.”

Demonization of those you occupy is an essential first step to allow a 
colonial power to do what it wishes with the people being occupied.  How 
else can one explain the lack of meaningful protests by Americans, who 
have furnished the money and the weapons to the maiming and the 
slaughter by Israel of thousands of Palestinians in the many wars its 
Army has conducted against the Palestinians.


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