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> Elsewhere, presumably, the US is pursuing its own interests and that is
as it should be.

Where does it say that? Honestly, I'm sick of the Nancy Drew
let's-find-Nazis bullshit whenever there are peace activists that aren't
waving around their left credentials. CNI is an organization of mostly
diplomats and former governmental personnel like Abourezk and Ed Peck, of
course they'd talk about "American interests". So what?

Ed Peck is probably one of the most interesting people I know, I introduced
him at Bard College in 2010. He was on board the Gaza Flotilla. As the
former ambassador to Iraq he was searing in his opposition to the Iraq
Invasion which killed a bunch of his friends and colleagues, so it's quite
obvious why he and others in his unique position would want to tar and
feather the neocons and the Zionist lobby. He was also in the CIA,
apparently. Quite frankly condemning people like him makes about as much
sense as condemning Snowden for making the decision to become a Booz Allen
contractor or condemning veterans who become peace activists for having
joined the military.

The "national interest" rhetoric is also quite normal. How is it different
from emphasizing that we need "money for jobs and education (i.e.
domestically), not for war and occupation," or saying "Bring our Troops
home," or any of the other nationalist rhetoric that dominates peace
activism in any given country?

I think CNI is a great organization and this is much ado about nothing.

- Amith

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> On 7/30/15 6:19 PM, Ken Hiebert via Marxism wrote:
>>   CNI is committed to the curious proposition that US foreign policy
>> needs correction in the Middle East because it does not serve the national
>> interest.
> There's no reason to view this as sinister. James Abourezk is on the board
> of directors and you won't many former Senators as principled as him. I
> suppose the fact that he has contributed articles to CounterPunch condemns
> him but whatever...
> AUGUST 5, 2014
> Israel’s Reversion to Old Colonial Tactics
> It is amazing how quickly Israel has learned the elements of colonial
> staying power.  It is even more amazing how the American media has taken up
> the cause of racism against the Palestinians.
> We can start with how the Israelis, and their lobby headquartered in
> Washington, have managed to demonize Palestinians, with the result that
> Israel can undertake a massive slaughter and be barely criticized for it
> both by our media.   We can begin with Israel’s request to the US
> government a couple of decades ago to label Hamas as a “Terrorist Group,”
> which our government happily agreed to do.   Other people in other parts of
> the world have tried this tactic, with some success, but for the most part
> such rebels are labeled “insurgents.”
> Demonization of those you occupy is an essential first step to allow a
> colonial power to do what it wishes with the people being occupied.  How
> else can one explain the lack of meaningful protests by Americans, who have
> furnished the money and the weapons to the maiming and the slaughter by
> Israel of thousands of Palestinians in the many wars its Army has conducted
> against the Palestinians.
> http://www.counterpunch.org/2014/08/05/israels-reversion-to-old-colonial-tactics/
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