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Abourezk was elected as a Democrat to the House of Representatives, and 
served from 1971 to 1973. He then was elected to the U.S. Senate, where 
he served until 1979.

As a senator, he criticized the Office of Public Safety (OPS), a U.S. 
agency linked to the USAID and the CIA that provided training to foreign 
police forces. He also was instrumental in the creation of both the 
American Indian Policy Review Commission and the Select Committee on 
Indian Affairs. He chaired the Policy Review Commission the entire time 
it existed, and then took the gavel as chair of the Indian Affairs 
Committee from its creation in 1977 to 1979, when he retired. Abourezk 
was an early supporter of a National initiative and with fellow Senator 
Mark O. Hatfield (R-OR) introduced an amendment allowing more direct 
democracy. However, this initiative failed.

In 1974, TIME magazine named Senator Abourezk one of the 200 Faces for 
the Future.[2]

In 1978, Abourezk chose not to run for re-election and was succeeded by 
Republican Larry Pressler, with whom he has had a long-running feud that 
has lasted until the present day.[3]

Following his retirement in 1980, Abourezk founded the American-Arab 
Anti-Discrimination Committee, a grassroots civil rights organization. 
In 1989, he wrote Advise and Dissent: Memoirs of South Dakota and the 
U.S. Senate (ISBN 1-55652-066-2) and he is the co-author—along with 
Hyman Bookbinder of Through Different Eyes: Two Leading Americans — a 
Jew and an Arab — Debate U. S. Policy in the Middle East (ISBN 0917561392)

Abourezk now works as a lawyer and writer in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Huffington Post writer James Zogby praised Abourezk as a "bold and 
coureagous former Senator" for protesting to the FBI after the ABSCAM 
operation and calling all Arab-Americans to "reclaim the right to defend 
and define their heritage."[4]


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