[Marxism] The Council for the National Interest

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Thu Jul 30 18:16:25 MDT 2015

At 20:10 30-07-15 -0400, Louis Proyect via Marxism wrote:
>that reach millions of people. We should be happy that there are a 
>number of prominent people including Mearsheimer and Walt who have the 
>guts to denounce the Zionist project even if it is from a "narrow" 
>perspective. The Palestinians benefit from their support much more than 
>they do from tiny Marxist groups that have great politics but zero 

Whenever someone speaks the truth, the oppressed benefit. When a government
official gets pissed off and gets themselves in trouble telling the truth,
of course that's good. It's even better for them to tell the truth when
they are put on trial. 

But my point was that the Palestinians in particular benefit much more from
the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation and Jewish Voice for Peace
because those groups are on the left MEANING that their motivation is
solidarity with the Palestinians, and not antisemitism (or more benignly
"promoting our national interests"). That means they are doing it for the
right reason and with the right message, even where we might find
disagreements. And these groups DO have considerable influence, as does
Noam Chomsky who also is a leftist thus pro-Palestinian. His message is
preferable to that of pro-Arab James Abourezk who is himself far preferable
to the right-wing trash who are amazingly being lauded simply because they
hate Israel and have "influence." 

- Jeff

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