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BTW if this is still about all the Alison Weir drama, check out the
petition Louis posted on his blog a few days ago:


Some of the new signers include Iyad Burnat, the head of the Bi'lin Popular
Committee. His brother is also the guy who got the Oscar for 5 Broken

- Amith

On Fri, Jul 31, 2015 at 2:39 AM, A.R. G <amithrgupta at gmail.com> wrote:

> Jeff, do you know who any of these people actually are? You wrote off some
> of the most courageous people I know as members of the extreme right, as
> far as I am concerned your opinion on this matter is groundless.
> - Amith
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>> At 20:10 30-07-15 -0400, Louis Proyect via Marxism wrote:
>> >that reach millions of people. We should be happy that there are a
>> >number of prominent people including Mearsheimer and Walt who have the
>> >guts to denounce the Zionist project even if it is from a "narrow"
>> >perspective. The Palestinians benefit from their support much more than
>> >they do from tiny Marxist groups that have great politics but zero
>> >influence.
>> Whenever someone speaks the truth, the oppressed benefit. When a
>> government
>> official gets pissed off and gets themselves in trouble telling the truth,
>> of course that's good. It's even better for them to tell the truth when
>> they are put on trial.
>> But my point was that the Palestinians in particular benefit much more
>> from
>> the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation and Jewish Voice for Peace
>> because those groups are on the left MEANING that their motivation is
>> solidarity with the Palestinians, and not antisemitism (or more benignly
>> "promoting our national interests"). That means they are doing it for the
>> right reason and with the right message, even where we might find
>> disagreements. And these groups DO have considerable influence, as does
>> Noam Chomsky who also is a leftist thus pro-Palestinian. His message is
>> preferable to that of pro-Arab James Abourezk who is himself far
>> preferable
>> to the right-wing trash who are amazingly being lauded simply because they
>> hate Israel and have "influence."
>> - Jeff
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