[Marxism] The Council for the National Interest

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Fri Jul 31 04:47:26 MDT 2015

At 12:28 31-07-15 +0200, A.R. G via Marxism wrote:
>Jeff has done a great
job finding a fascist conspiracy, so I'd like to
>point out another one.

How come the last 3 posts on the subject from Amith and Louis are sarcastic
remarks involving straw-men? And the ones before that also avoided the
issues by focussing on personalities who I never had directly attacked such
as James Abourezk (a liberal politician -- so what?) and " Iyad Burnat, the
head of the Bi'lin Popular
Committee" whose only guilt is signing a petition in error? You can't
counter my claims by denying claims I never made, and the point of doing so
can only be to distract the reader and make light of an extremely serious

As far as what Amith did post about Bernie Sanders, sarcastically, a lot of
it is true and is why I wouldn't support him. But please post that as a new
thread and it can be taken seriously as a separate discussion. As far as
this discussion related to the far right (no "conspiracy" involved, just
the normal misuse of language), I'd like to see some actual content.

Or if the view actually is that we should unite with antisemites in order
to best bring down Israel in the interests of the Palestinians, then just
SAY THAT. At least that would be a left-wing position, not a tactic I'd
support, but at least it would be within the parameters of discussion I'd
expect on this list. Covering up for the far-right is not.

- Jeff


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