[Marxism] The Independent Commission Against Corruption, the Canberra Times and building unions

John Passant en.passant at bigpond.com
Fri Jul 31 20:03:51 MDT 2015

It was disappointing to see Jack Waterford repeat the tired Tory tropes 
about the CFMEU building union's 'manipulation' of safety issues as a 
justification for an Independent Commission Against Corruption in 
Canberra.  ('Clearly the ACT needs its own ICAC'  Forum page 1 The 
Canberra Times Saturday 1 August.) While the ACT does need its own ICAC, 
deaths and serious injuries on building sites across the Territory show 
in fact that what we need to save lives is a safety regime run by the 
unions, the only people with an overriding interest in building workers' 
health and safety. The Royal Commission witch-hunt into the CFMEU is 
designed to destroy them precisely because the union does win better 
wages and campaign for safety. Jack has fallen for the bosses' lies.

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