[Marxism] Fwd: bellingcat - Examining the Turkish Sarin “Recipe”

Mark Richey markrichey at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 1 06:30:40 MST 2015

Calling yourself a 'marxist' doe't , as you seem to believe, entitle you to simply invent nonsense about Syria, for which you can't point to ANY scholarly sources since they don't exist.

When I point to sources, even pro US wones, that state the bulk of fighting against Assad is by foreign mercenaries, you ignore that, as in this last post.

 Chuckle, I'm going to look elsewhere for 'marxists',  since if you look in any dictionary, marxism has nothing to do with spouting Pentagon propaganda as fact. 

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>On 10/30/15 9:47 PM, Mark Richey wrote:
>> The great bulk of fighting in Syria is done by foreign mercenaries,
>> most of them Wahabists who behead captured Syrian soldiers regularly.
>> Even the pro US 'syrian Observatory', a one man British expatriate,
>> admits that.
>> As for the indigenous rebels (aside from the Kurds who want their own
>> nation), they are led, largely, by ex Assad army officers on the take
>> from the US, who assumed Assad would quickly go the way of Khadafy
>> and wanted to be on the 'winning side.'  NOt 'poor farmers', etc.
>> etc., most of whom have fled Syria or to government held areas to
>> escape the head choppers.
>> I won't engage with someone who simply makes up facts about Syria
>> that even pro US sources don't credit.
>Richey, I don't appreciate evasiveness, especially from someone who 
>seems to be as familiar with Marxist theory as I am with quantum mechanics.
>I point to scholarly material about the social and economic causes of 
>the uprising and you ignore it. This is the second time you have done that.
>I understand that you have somehow wandered into a forum where there are 
>people who have been involved with Marxist theory and analysis for 
>probably longer than you have lived and that you simply lack the 
>wherewithal to discuss things in class terms but I can't allow you to 
>waste bandwidth much longer especially since every single post you have 
>made here is harping on the same topic.
>Read any Gramsci lately that has exercised the old cerebrum? Maybe you'd 
>want to share that with us. The clock is ticking.

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