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Here's some scholarly references for Mr. Proyect,late of the SWP, one of the most mendacious 'left' organizations ever seen in the US:

Abu Muhamed al-Jolani, head pf Syria's al-Qaida affilate al-Nusra front, one of the largest groups fighting in Syria, pledged that armed groups would 'hurl hundreds of rockets' dail at villages inhabited by the Alawite minority, the sect from which Bashar al-Assad hails.  Jolani said he would pay '3 million euros", US #3.4 million, for anyone who can kill al-Assad and end his story.'

Jolani also offered '2 million euros for whoever kills Hasssan Nasrallah", leader of Lebanon's Shiite Hezbollah movement.'

There was no word from Jolani about any alternative political or social agenda, and there never has beeen from any known group actually fighting in Syria, the bulk of whom are Wahhabists or other Islamists.

Aside from the purely sectarian and genocidal treats made against various minorities in Syria, and elsewhere, Jolani also revealed that he is flush with cash, obviously derived from foreign sponsorship to be sure, not from donations from Syrian workers or farmers.  The US and its proxies such as Saudi Arabia ensure the arming and funding of nearly all the 'Syrian' resistance, which is led for the most part by Jolani and similar characters.


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