[Marxism] Fwd: bellingcat - Examining the Turkish Sarin “Recipe”

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The FSA is largely a creation of the CIA, and/or the Turks, and is viewed as such by Syrians according to Franklin Lamb, who actually has BEEN in Syria and speaks the language, has done research...

and to compare the CIA created FSA with the Spanish POUM  would be funny, it it weren't a pathetic excuse for backing US imperialism、
Proyect and his 'humanitarian regime change' faction reminds me of the fact that many of the Bush coterie of neocons were also 'socialists' at one time in their youth.

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>On 11/1/15 10:02 AM, Mark Richey wrote:
>> Abu Muhamed al-Jolani, head pf Syria's al-Qaida affilate al-Nusra
>> front, one of the largest groups fighting in Syria, pledged that
>> armed groups would 'hurl hundreds of rockets' dail at villages
>> inhabited by the Alawite minority, the sect from which Bashar
>> al-Assad hails.  Jolani said he would pay '3 million euros", US #3.4
>> million, for anyone who can kill al-Assad and end his story.'
>That's all true but socialists who are in solidarity with the Syrian 
>revolution back the Kurds and/or the FSA. If the Internet existed in the 
>1930s, people with our outlook would be supporting the anarchists, the 
>POUM, and/or the Trotskyist party in Spain against Franco--the 
>forerunner of Assad's murderous air war (check Picasso's "Guernica" to 
>get a handle on what obviously inspired Putin in Chechnya and Assad in 
>Douma where 70 people were just killed and 550 wounded.) What's weird is 
>that the Baathist amen corner, including you, has fallen in love with 
>someone who combines the worst aspects of both Stalin and Franco: Bashar 

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