[Marxism] Palestinians persecuted by their benefactor?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Nov 1 10:30:33 MST 2015

(From Veronica Ramadan on FB)

Ah, the "resistance" regime...
'Syrian Intelligence issued 28,000 warrants against Palestinians living 
in Syria: archive'

01-11-2015: 'The number of Palestinians wanted by Syrian intelligence 
are more than any other nationality according to leaked documents and 
warrants issued by Syrian regime's security services with the end of 2014.

The leaked archive obtained by Zaman Al Wasl includes 524,416 arrest 
orders against citizens from 153 states across the world.

The Palestinians come third among non-Syrian (Arab and foreign) in 
number of notices, after Iraqi and Lebanese. The total number of notices 
against Palestinians was 27628 one, third of them (9385) were arrest 
warrants, which made them again among the most people required for 
arrest by intelligence branches after Yemenis, Tunisians and Saudis.
It was found that rate of Palestinians who were issued arrest Warrants 
was 33% of all notices issues against Palestinians, it was higher than 
rate of arrest Warrant out of all notices for other nationalities, at 31.3%.
The archive reveals that Syrian intelligence had divided Palestinians 
into 6 categories: Palestinians, Palestinians of Syria, Palestinians of 
Egypt, Palestinians of Iraq, Palestinians of Jordan, Palestinians of 

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