[Marxism] New Issue of Revolutionary History: Clara Zetkin: Letters and Writings

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New Issue of Revolutionary History: Clara Zetkin: Letters and Writings

Clara Zetkin played a prominent role within the left wing of the German
Social-Democratic Party and subsequently within the Communist Party of Germany
and the Communist International, with a strong interest in the rights of
working-class women. The latest edition of Revolutionary History, edited by Mike
Jones and Ben Lewis, brings together articles and letters by Zetkin on such
subjects as revisionism within the SPD, women's rights and feminism, the fight
against fascism, and the bureaucratisation of the Communist International,
together with scholarly articles focusing upon specific aspects of Zetkin's
political life. This edition of Revolutionary History will bring the life and
work of Clara Zetkin to the notice of today’s left-wing activists and
historians, and help to restore her name to its rightful position within the
pantheon of twentieth-century revolutionary Marxists.

Articles by Clara Zetkin

* The Servant Girls' Movement
* Against the Theory and Tactics of Social Democracy
* Guidelines for the Communist Women's Movement
* Letters to Lenin
* The Struggle Against Fascism
* The Bourgeois Women’s Movement
* Letter to the Politbureau of the Central Committee of the CPSU
* Speech to the ECCI
* Letters to Fanny Jezierska
* Letter to Wilhelm Pieck
* Opening Speech of the Reichstag as its Oldest Member, 30 August 1932

Articles about Clara Zetkin

* Gisela Notz, Clara Zetkin and the International Socialist Women's Movement
* Ottokar Luban, Clara Zetkin's Influence on the Spartacus Group, 1918-1919
* Günter Wernicke, Clara Zetkin's Opposition to Sidelining of Comrades in the
Comintern and KPD in the Mid-1920s
* Horst Helas, Clara Zetkin's 'Filthy Letter'

Plus a big book review section

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