[Marxism] NZ 'mining disaster'

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 17:47:50 MST 2015

One of the worst-ever mining disasters in NZ history took place in November
2010.  Like a lot of 'mining disasters', it wasn't really a mining
disaster.  It was the killing of 29 workers through lack of proper safety
in the mine, as the company typically put profit ahead of workers' lives.

Moreover, none of the bodies have ever been recovered despite promises by
prime minister John Key that this would be a government priority.

The Pike River slaughter of workers is also embarrassing for the union most
of the workers belonged to and for the Labour Party.

Although the explosions at Pike River took place under a National
government, it was equally (if not even more) a Labour Party misdeed.
Labour had been in power for nine years leading up to the explosion and
Labour had signed off on the mine.

The union at the mine was a Labour-affiliated union and its head, who also
praised the company and signed off on the mine, is now the leader of the
Labour Party.

While taking place way down the arse-end of the world, Pike River has
lessons for workers all over the world:


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