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Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 18:32:41 MST 2015

One Syrian present at Vienna "peace talks" - as a waiter*

02-11-2015: In a very good indication of exactly what position and 
priority the superpowers give to the wishes and rights of the Syrian and 
other Arab peoples, exactly one Syrian was present at the Vienna "peace 
talks" - waiter Ziyad Khouri (indicated by red arrow).

*We apologise for not realising this picture is satire from Germany's 
'Der Postillion' magazine, with no such Syrian waiter or any other 
Syrian individual being present at the Vienna "peace talks". This 
should, of course, have been obvious to us from the ridiculousness of 
the idea of any Syrians at all being present at a meeting concerning 
Syria's future.
From: Abdurahman Harkoush

The UK Stop Some Wars Coalition refuse to listen to Syrians during 
debate on Syria, and threaten the Syrian activists who turned up to the 
<<During a panel event on Monday evening to discuss the case against 
British military intervention in Syria, StWC included no Syrians on the 
speaker’s panel and reportedly refused to allow Syrians to speak from 
the floor.
The meeting was chaired by Labour MP Diane Abbott and featured chair of 
the Stop the War coalition Andrew Murray, former leader of the Green 
Party Caroline Lucas, Labour MP Catherine West, Tory MP Crispin Blunt MP 
and SNP MP Tommy Shephard.
According to human rights activist Peter Tatchell, who attended the 
event, no Syrians were included on the panel and the Syrian activists 
who turned up to the event were threatened with arrest.
Speaking to LFF, Tatchell said:
“Some Syrian victims of Assad’s brutalities turned up but were not 
allowed to speak. They eventually shouted out in frustration, turning 
the meeting into momentary chaos, as they were jeered by some of the 
audience and as StWC stewards tried to eject them – allegedly 
threatening that they’d be arrested. The police turned up soon 

Maybe Stop Some Wars could have employed a Syrian refugee to clean up 
for the evening. 

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