[Marxism] Are Obama's "boots" in Syria the result of lessons learned in Libya?

Clay Claiborne clayclai at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 23:39:17 MST 2015

New from Linux Beach:

      Are Obama's "boots" in Syria the result of lessons learned in

> Rebuilding a viable state after living with the Green Book caricature 
> of one for four decades is more like rebuilding the ruins that the 
> Romans left in Libya than something that can be done in a day. For 
> this reason the /"anti-imperialist"/ Left has been able to make 
> popular sport of trashing the Libyan revolution. However, I still 
> think that they got some things right in their revolution.
> One of the most important things I always hailed them for holding the 
> line on was this: Steadfastly refusing NATO boots on the ground even 
> while accepting NATO air support. This crucial decision meant that 
> they have been able to avoid many of the harsher influences the 
> imperialist are likely to have on any revolution. Without a western 
> military presence on the ground in Libya there was nothing the NATO 
> forces could do once air operations could no longer be justified but 
> fly away. Libya is a mess, but it is their mess and they can best 
> clean it up without imperialist machinations.

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