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I would turn to Wolfgang Streeck's theory of the consumer voter to
understand all this. There seems to be something available for a whole
variety of niche markets. As to the meaning of all this for the class
struggle, I would not be overly optimistic.



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> I received this from someone who is normally not enthused about any
> capitalist party.  In this case, the Liberal Party, the historic governing
> party in Canada (I haven't factored in recent decades, but this certainly
> was true.).  This is an indication of the impact of the new government.
> I expect we will have a discussion of the meaning of all this.
>                                 ken h
> For once, Canadians are proud (and perhaps even a little bit smug). We ran
> the data:
> We have a Minister of Environment and CLIMATE CHANGE.
> We have a Minister of Immigration, Citizenship and REFUGEES.
> Our Prime Minister is a sci-fi geek.
> Our Minister of Health is an actual Doctor.
> Our Minister of Families, Children and Social Development is a poverty
> economist.
> Our Minister of Science is an actual Scientist (oh, and she has a Nobel
> Prize).
> Our Minister of Status of Women is an actual woman!
> Our Minister of Veterans Affairs is a quadriplegic because he was shot in
> a drive-by shooting.
> Our Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour is a
> Professional Geologist.
> Our Minister of Democratic Institutions is a Muslim refugee.
> Our Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities is a Paralympian
> Athlete.
> Our Minister of Defence is a badass war hero, Afghanistan combat vet, and
> police officer.
> Half of our Ministers are women.
> Half of our Ministers are men!
> Two of our Ministers are people of First Nations (Kwakwaka'wakw, Inuit)
> Three of our Ministers were born outside of Canada (India, Afghanistan)
> Two of our Ministers are Sikh.
> At least one of our Ministers is Muslim.
> At least two of our Ministers are Atheist.
> One of our Ministers is battling breast cancer. frown emoticon
> One of our Ministers is in a wheelchair.
> One of our Ministers is blind.
> One of our Ministers is openly gay.
> One of our Ministers is openly ginger.
> Also, Hon. Navdeep Bains has a perfect twirly moustache
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