[Marxism] Spotlight

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Nov 7 13:54:11 MST 2015

A back of the envelope review of "Spotlight", a film about the Boston 
Globe investigative reporting on the Catholic priest sex abuse scandal. 
It is a well-constructed narrative with good performances but I kept 
thinking the son of "All the President's Men" since it is almost a 
paint-by-numbers copy of the original. With Ben Bradlee Jr. (played by 
John Slattery of "Mad Men") in a pivotal role just as his father was in 
the Watergate film, you can hardly avoid the similarities. The problem 
is that none of the characters have any intrinsic interest. They only 
function as sleuths. Instead of "Deep Throat", they rely on a Catholic 
priest who broke ranks and became a psychotherapist dealing in sex abuse 
cases. It was very earnest and very timely. What it lacked was human 
drama, probably a function of the sex abuse victims playing only a 
secondary role in the film.

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