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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Nov 8 12:59:42 MST 2015

Although I am at somewhat of a disadvantage not having read Paul 
LeBlanc’s new biography of Leon Trotsky, my interest was piqued by John 
Marot’s review on the Jacobin website titled “Assessing Trotsky“. Marot 
teaches history at teaches history at Keimyung University in Korea and 
like most of Jacobin’s contributors is an academic leftist. So is 
LeBlanc for that matter but he at least had the benefit of being trained 
in Trotsky’s ideas by men and women who had been mostly involved with 
building a revolutionary movement, even if it was undone by Trotsky’s 
poor understanding of party-building.

As a distinct oddity, Marot’s earlier article “Political Marxism and the 
October Revolution” can be downloaded from Academia.edu. Marot, one of 
Robert Brenner’s students at UCLA, raises the possibility that if Leon 
Trotsky had been a Political Marxist, the battle against Stalinism would 
have been more successfully waged. In my view, if Trotsky had been 
determined to make the case that capitalism arose in the British 
countryside as a sine qua non for Marxism, he never would have been a 
leader of the Russian Revolution to begin with. More likely, he would 
have had a cushy job at some university and given talks to the 
equivalent of HM conferences back then.

full: http://louisproyect.org/2015/11/08/assessing-john-marot/

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