[Marxism] Germaine Greer and the new 'left' authoritarianism

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 8 15:36:56 MST 2015

To a casual observer, it might seem incongruous that a campaign to prevent
a prominent second wave feminist speaking on a university campus would be
led by the women’s officer of the student union. But this is typical of the
world we live in, and of student politics in the English-speaking world in

The second wave feminist concerned is Germaine Greer, who was invited by
the University of Cardiff in the UK to speak on the topic of “Women and
power: the lessons of the 20th century”.

The campus women’s officer, Rachael Melhuish, initiated a petition calling
for the university to cancel the event on the basis of Greer’s
“misogynistic views towards trans women”. The petition attracted more than
2,900 signatures. While the university has resisted cancelling the 18
November event, it is unclear whether it will go ahead.

There is nothing to celebrate here. . .

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