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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Nov 9 11:59:33 MST 2015

The increasingly frequent cycles of triumph, injury, training, and 
recovery have made the cult of fitness around football even more martial 
and epic than usual. Advertisements are now composed entirely of jump 
cuts between rippling bodies yelling, barking, testifying to some 
endless purgatory of reps, sets, and routines. Menacing homilies about 
commitment linger on screen to be joined by this model of shoe or that 
style of gear. “Every single day,” we hear Tom Brady chant stoically, 
“every single day,” as his image, multiplied a thousandfold by 
technology, drills relentlessly with itself, perfectly in sync, in a 
macabre echo of authoritarian spectacle.”You are the sum of all your 
training,” Under Armour threatens us, before urging, finally, at the 
end, “Rule Yourself.” In its unalloyed praise for the eternal necessity 
of discipline, the sports commercial is a worthy heir to Puritan 
austerity. Excess physique is grace rewarded. Lean muscle is proof that 
God loves us and wants us to be strong. At least until we return to the 
action to find a 25-year-old sobbing as he tries to hold a ligament in 
place and we wonder how many college educations his extended family has 
just lost forever.

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