[Marxism] "a blue and white kristallnacht is only a matter of time"

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Mon Nov 9 16:09:30 MST 2015

At 11:02 09-11-15 -0500, Dennis Brasky via Marxism wrote:

Thanks for finding this Dennis! I was at this Kristallnacht memorial 
yesterday in Amsterdam where Haneen Zoabi spoke, and I can say that her 
speech (along with the other two speakers) was excellent (as you can read for 
yourself using the link in the article). What's important, is that unlike 
previous years, even with leftists involved, this Kristallnacht memorial 
acknowledged the Nazi holocaust but  also connected it to all other cases of 
national oppression, that of Palestine being one of the most urgent (and 
one where the Dutch government is complicit).A repeated theme was that there 
is no validity in "ranking" the severity of oppression -- rejecting the 
Zionist assertion that the Nazi holocaust was unique and any comparisons to 
it are tantamount to denial -- and that struggling against one is struggling 
against all.

Also, the dispute that the article described over the BDS advocate in Munich 
was mirrored here in regards to Zoabi's speaking. As news got out of her 
planned appearance at the "alternative" Kristallnacht memorial, the Zionists 
(as usual.....) cried "antisemitism" and the police were sent with orders to 
shut down the event if her speech violated the law! The Zionists and their 
allies (all the parties in government, and most of the others) worked 
themselves up into thinking that she would say something antisemitic because 
that's what they think Palestinians are! So there were plenty of cops there, 
but of course they couldn't do anything. I guess it's just as well the cops 
were there as they did keep a group of about 50 Zionist types quiet and 
apart from us.

Here's the link to her speech:

- Jeff

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