[Marxism] NYT: Spain’s News Media Are Squeezed by Government and Debt

Shalva Eliava shalva.eliava at outlook.com
Mon Nov 9 20:01:14 MST 2015

"Many in the industry say the formidable combination of government and financial pressures has blunted their ability to cover any range of conflicts of interest among big business and politicians at a time of multiplying financial and political scandals that emerged after the onset of Spain’s debt crisis.

'The newspapers are in the hands of creditors, and also in those of a government that has helped convince the creditors that the papers should be kept alive rather than just asphyxiated because of their debts,' said Miguel Ángel Aguilar, a veteran Spanish journalist who founded his own publication, Ahora, in September.

'This is a situation of dependency that has done terrible damage to the credibility of the media in this country,' he said."


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