[Marxism] [Portugal] Right-wing government overthrown by motions of rejection

Ricardo Salabert ricardo.salabert at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 14:07:15 MST 2015


<The four parties in the opposition (Socialists, Left Bloc, Communists and
the Green Party) presented four separate motions of rejection. Only the
first motion was voted, of the Socialist Party, and the result was clear:
123 votes in favour of the rejection of the government against 107 votes in



The motion to reject the government program was only opposed by the ruling
coalition, all other parliamentary forces (Socialists, Left Bloc,
Communists, the Green Party and People-Animals-Nature) carried the motion.


The government was overthrown and the President has 2 choices - to appoint a
new prime-minister (Antonio Costa, socialist, supported by all the left wing
parties in parliament) or to keep this government as an interim government
until new elections can be held (6 months from the previous elections).

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