[Marxism] Submission re: Syria

Joseph Green jgreen at communistvoice.org
Fri Nov 13 22:41:49 MST 2015

Andrew Stewart wrote:
> There's a story I really like about a rabbi (it was told by Alan
> Dershowitz, but that is besides the point):

 It seems to me that you don't have a serious attitude to the theoretical 
issues involved. So-and-so said this, and so-and-so said that, but as you 
have explained, you really don't care about most of it.  The amusing thing is 
that the result was that nevertheless your article on Syria was  better than 
most of those in that publication, and would raise theoretical issues to 
others reading it. But it seems to me that to really escape the 
Stalinist/Trotskyist framework, it would take serious consideration of the 
theoretical issues underlying the debate on anti-imperialism. It takes work, 
and not just feelings, however justified some of them might be. And the 
anti-revisionist trend I am from has been preoccupied with dealing with what 
the experience of the world movement shows, and how theory has to develop to 
deal with it. 

In any case, to each their own, as far as how to deal with theory. Best 

-- Joseph Green

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