[Marxism] Statement by France's New Anticapitalist Party (in French). "Their Wars, Our Deaths. Imperialist barbarity breeds the barbarity of terrorism"

Lüko Willms willms at luekowillms.de
Sat Nov 14 14:15:32 MST 2015

on Samstag, 14. November 2015 at 13:42, RKOB via Marxism wrote:

> Here is the RCIT-Statement (in English): 
> www.thecommunists.net/worldwide/europe/terror-in-paris/

  ... calling for "revenge". 

  No, revenge is not what we should strive for. These stupid attacks in Paris are already an act of revenge. And they create only damage for the struggle of the oppressed for freedom. 

  No, mass mobilisations for the withdrawal of the imperialist military from all countries in the Third World, and behind their own borders. 

  Expressed in concrete demands, not a wild rethoric. 


Lüko Willms
Frankfurt/Main, Germany

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