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Declaration by 49 Syrian rebel factions condemning Paris massacre: 
Clip:    "The revolutionary brigades and factions in Syria condemn in 
the strongest terms these criminal attacks that are against the teaching 
of all religions and human values. We consider these terrorist acts not 
to be different from what the Syrian people have been enduring and 
suffering every day for the past five years, both originated from the 
same source the Assad regime and his affiliate Da’esh (ISIS)."

A Letter of Condolence From the People of Douma to the People of France: 
(Douma City, Damascus country-side, the most bombed-out, starved 
terrorised ghetto on Earth)

Ahrar al Sham: "The only possible reaction to the despicable acts of 
terror in Paris is total and unequivocal condemnation" 

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Dozens of Syrian rebel groups on Saturday strongly denounced the Islamic
State jihadist group's attacks on Paris as "against human values" in a
joint online statement.

Forty-nine armed factions in Syria, including the powerful Jaish
al-Islam rebel groups, condemned "in the strongest terms" IS's
coordinated assault in Paris that killed at least 129 people.

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