[Marxism] Letter from Paris - France's 'war on terror' and the backlash

John Passant en.passant at bigpond.com
Mon Nov 16 04:22:06 MST 2015

Letter from Paris - France's 'war on terror' and the backlash

Nick Riemer in France writes about the terrorist attacks and the ruling 
class's warmongering response in Australian socialist magazine 
Solidarity. Among other things he says:

'The opportunism of France’s political leadership will be paid for in 
more tragic and avoidable blood-baths, whether in France or in Raqqa. As 
a worshipper at a northern Paris mosque told Libération, “If we consider 
ourselves as at war, then the terrorists will have won their battle”. 
The three mainstream parties have no interest in that lesson: ordinary 
people’s interests do not figure in their calculations. A new French war 
on terror won’t bring peace; it will only reinforce the power of the 
political establishment.

'Everyone else’s interests can only be safeguarded by a progressive and 
democratic movement from below. The radical, anti-capitalist left has a 
heavy responsibility, both in France and outside it.'

To read the whole article click here. 

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