[Marxism] The Aftermath of Friday: for a Left Politics against Islamism.

andrew coates pabs47 at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 16 09:32:18 MST 2015

To watch, to listen, as the slaughters in
 Paris unfolded, to read and to think, as they sank in, was to be 
overcome by sadness and fellow-feeling. As witnesses told their stories,
 still shaking, the dignity of the survivors stood out. Fluctuat nec mergitur! Paris is shaken but has not sunk.

These are moments of high emotions. Love,
 solidarity, loathing and compassion. For yesterday reason was, rightly,
 the slave of the passions. Today and tomorrow we have to cast a colder 
light on what has happened and what should happen.

That ISIS, the Islamic State, Daesh, was 
prepared to murder is not news. Their killings in Iraq, in Syria, in 
Africa, and now in Beirut – scene of a tragedy shortly before Friday, 
and Paris, are present in the minds of millions. ISIS joins, as Hannah 
Arendt described totalitarian parties, these “secret societies 
established in broad daylight’.” (1) Modern media have made that 
daylight darker.

Andrew Coates  		 	   		  

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