[Marxism] Leila Khaled in the Philippines

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Tue Nov 17 22:46:06 MST 2015

Phillip Ferguson said (in part):
Andy, if it is OK for people fighting for liberation in the Middle East to
get guns from imperialism (and I think it is), then it is OK for Leila
Khaled to take advantage of a mass audience offered to her in the

The charges about threatening to kill Walden Bello were, afaik, dealt with
years ago and it turned out they did no such thing, although they certainly
attacked Bello strongly over some stuff - if I recall rightly it was dodgy
NGO stuff.

What does "ultra-Maoist" mean in the context of 2015?

The NPA has - and celebrates - gay marriage in its ranks and the CPP is
heavily involved in the gay and trans movement in the Philippines (in fact
they lead such a movement).  Is that 'ultra-Maoist' too?

Ken Hiebert replies:
Andrew Pollack's accusation that Sison was responsible for the death of CPP members did not provoke a denial from Philip, but he did balk at the suggestion that Walden Bello had been targeted.  This seems to be a detail if you are not willing to deny that the CPP killed its own members.

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