[Marxism] John Howard, invader of Iraq, joins Axis of Resistance

Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 00:00:49 MST 2015

Howard joins his fellow member of the 'Coalition of the Willing', Tony 
Blair, in declaring his support for a deal with Assad, along with 
countless other imperialist leaders, CIA, intelligence and military 
chiefs, neo-con ideologues like Leslie Gelb, Donald Trump, Le Pen, the 
entire ultra-right etc.

Strike deal with Bashar Assad to defeat Islamic State: John Howard
•    The Australian
•    November 17, 2015 10:29PM
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Western powers must strike a deal with Syrian president Bashar Assad as 
the only way to end Syria’s civil war, John Howard said tonight.
Mr Howard told an economic forum dinner in Sydney that a deal with 
Assad, who has killed thousands of his own people, was “a price worth 
He said any political negotiations to end Syria’s civil war needed to 
involve Assad.
“If it takes some kind of interim deal and some kind of arrangement 
about his future (to solve this) then it is a price worth paying,” Mr 
Howard said.
He also said Islamic State could only be defeated if the group was 
attacked on both political and military fronts.
Mr Howard commended France for launching massive air strikes targeting 
the group’s stronghold in Syria after IS claimed responsibility for the 
co-ordinated attacks in Paris on Friday.
He said he was “horrified” by the deadly attacks which killed at least 
129 people and left scores injured.
“We are dealing with a group of absolute fanatics,” Mr Howard told 
guests at the dinner.
“I’m not attracted to the idea that it (the issue) can only be solved 
“In the long term yes, but in the short term, you have to deny them (IS) 
the battlefields.” Mr Howard, whose government brought in historic gun 
control laws in 1996, also lamented that Europe was “awash with weapons”, 
making terror attacks more likely. 

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