[Marxism] Guardian: Gender pay gap closing partially because of men's declining wages, report says

Shalva Eliava shalva.eliava at outlook.com
Wed Nov 18 21:58:59 MST 2015

I was tempted to think that this EPI report on the dialectic between men and women's wages was really significant:


...until I remembered the wisdom of the Falling Rate of Profit guru Andrew Kliman (intellectual father of Michael Roberts):

"Or consider women. [Underconsumptionist heretics] have not a word to say about their wages. Is this due to sexism? I doubt it. I suspect, instead, that they chose to ignore the strong growth of women’s wages because it does not fit in well with the class war/declining labor share thesis. The real “median usual weekly earnings” of women employed full-time rose by 22% between 1979 and 2007, even if we use the CPI-W to adjust for inflation. They rose by 27% if we use the CPI-U-RS and by 35% if we use the PCEPI. How was this possible? Is the accelerated class war being waged only against male workers?
A Congressional Budget Office (2011) study reported on trends in real median hourly wages among workers with different levels of educational attainment. It shows that there was substantial wage growth among women with at least some college education and among men with at least a 4-year college degree. How can the class war/declining labor share thesis explain this?

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